Przejście w Tatrach


Declaration of Support for the 'Tatry przejścia' Initiative

We the undersigned declare support for the aims of the 'Tatry Przejścia” initiative, which are as follows:

- The creation of a Tatra database which will aim to document climbs carried out in the entire Tatras, both Polish and Slovak, and which will give a comprehensive overview of the achievements of individuals and clubs, and which will reflect the development and level of activity in the Tatras, including rock-climbing, caving, and ski touring.

We are aware of the historic nature of this undertaking, aware of the role of the Tatras in the life of the region and the lives of people for whom the Tatras are precious. In supporting the initiative, we hope to promote the „Tatry Przejścia” project, to aid in acquiring the material resources which will make possible its continuation, and to undertake a wide range of activities such as:

- the implementation of effective instruments for the creation and maintenance of such a database

- the facilitation of exchange of information among individuals who carry out climbs

- the promotion of climbing in the Tatras

- the continuous updating of topographic information regarding walls and routes, and the

publication of guides

- the archiving of photos, reports, stories, and the publication of books

As the Tatras have for centuries shaped the spiritual life of those who find themselves among these mountains, so those who have left a part of themselves here create the spiritual dimension of the Tatras.

As the Tatras are the heart of this region, so those who have delved most deeply into these mountains vitalize this heart, carrying it within themselves and sharing it with others.

We wish to commemorate not only those people who have left their mark in the Tatras, but also to commemorate the influence of these same people on the changing image of the Tatras.


Adam Śmiałkowski